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Poster: nolight Date: Sep 1, 2006 2:07pm
Forum: movies Subject: strange videos are uploaded here



if you take a look at the link I have copied above it is interesting to see, that on the first page of the search and also at the second one there are links that have the topic "." And nothing else. There is no explanation of the content or why it is uploaded here.
The content of the videos are news; I have seen some and they refer to 9/11.

1. Yet I wonder why they are posted the way? If there is some deeper background I am not getting it.

2. There are a lot of "strange" videos uploaded here. I have written several errors today refering to videos which are offending etc. pp but from my point of view this is just a small drop of water on a hot stone. If you shuffle through the videos I question myself if the poster has spend some time in thinking about what he has "created", what website would be adequate to place it or if he/she has just placed there in order to save his own PC from getting wasted or filled with nonsense. I could name countless links of which I ask myself what use they have been uploaded here.

I really like the music side that has been established here. I love the drone side here and have become a big fan of this music; years ago I hated electronic music!

But it is on the other hand strange to see what you can actual find here. I really hope that you get this problem solved in future terms and that you can concentrate on main issues and don't have to waste time by looking over thousands of files that have been posted here just because it is possible.

Whouldn't it be possible that the there are informatins that you have to give to the content that you upload. Required fields that you have to fill with content; Name of the uploader, Titel of the content, etc. ?